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Amazing Ways to Unmask a Private Number on Android

It is quite frustrating when phone calls display “Private” or “Blocked” instead of the caller’s name or number. We will show you various ways to unmask a Private number on android phones. All the methods shown here are easy to learn and apply.

Only, a few individuals conceal their phone numbers before making a call for various reasons (such as hoaxing, threatening, or intimidating). This causes concern because the issue that arises is how this individual obtained your number. So as not to leave you in question, we will provide you with several methods for determining who is behind this unknown number.

How a Secret Call Operates

How a Secret Call Operates

In actuality, it is not illegal to call with a concealed number. This practice exists, on the contrary, to provide everyone the freedom to expose their identity to their interlocutor. Before providing you with information on the options for unmasking your private caller, we welcome you to determine the method your interlocutor is using.

Various codes, like * 67 and # 30 #, are used to conceal a phone number prior to initiating a call. After entering the code, just add the contact’s number and click the phone’s call button to initiate the call!

Thus, your recipient’s screen will not display your number. Instead, one of the following options will be displayed: “private”, “limit”, “mask”, “unknown number”, or “no caller identification”. Everyone can do it.

What are the Ways to Unmask A Private Number on Android

After receiving an unknown call, the first inquiry you have is regarding the caller’s identity. The remedy is straightforward: dial * #30# after receiving a call!

The concealed identity of the caller is immediately disclosed. In addition to this code, there are an increasing number of apps for lifting the mask. As these are Android phones, you can determine which ones are optimally compatible with this technology.

What are the Best Applications to Unmask A Private Number on Android

Several developers have created programs that allow users to uncover the number or even the identity of an unknown caller. These programs are optimized for Smartphones of all brands. Each has unique characteristics that extend beyond the identification of unknown callers. Here are five applications that will be of tremendous assistance to you.



This application is among the best because it provides access to the phone numbers of all private callers. Even their entire names and residences are conceivable, especially if they are from the United States of America.

It is the most effective application for blocking private calls. In addition to being successful on smartphones, it is also effective on iOS-based smartphones. Regardless of where your caller is hiding, Trapcall reveals them.

Trapcall is not a free application, but it’s still reasonably priced. In addition to identifying your private caller, it provides you with additional options. Once the number is discovered, you have the option to stop hearing about it.

Therefore, Trapcall provides you with a blacklist so that you will never again receive calls from this number. Starting immediately, they will all be blocked. Consequently, even if that number calls you again, your phone will not ring.

How to Use TrapCall

You may also choose to track this number and keep the caller accountable for his or her actions. Using the Trapcall program, you can record all of the target’s phone calls for use against them.

This application is therefore recommended for use with surveys in light of this crucial feature. For the police, knowing the identity of a telephone con artist is crucial.

All Internet users can take the exam. It lasts for a week. It is actually a free trial of the application, which stays unrestricted anyway. During this week-long trial, you can test everything and validate the application’s exceptional effectiveness on private calls. If you change your mind at any moment, you can cancel your registration.

If you agree to register, you will be required to pay a nominal fee. In the future, you will be able to continuously uncover anyone who dares to phone you using concealed numbers.

All the information collected from this private caller will provide you with a choice: first, you can permanently block the number; second, you can follow him by recording his calls, which will allow you to identify him and possibly register a complaint with him.



Truecaller is an additional useful tool that reveals the numbers hiding behind your private calls. You will not discover a simple number, but rather the name of the person calling you. Obviously, this is the name of the owner of this phone number. Truecaller searches for and identifies the number’s owner, even if they are not in your contact list.

Indeed, Truecaller is one of the best applications available for download. It has the benefit of being readily available. As with all Android devices, this software is available for free download from the Google Play Store.

How to Use Truecaller

Once downloaded, it will function as your app for calls, without disabling your standard app. If you accept it, it can also be used as a message service.

Its functionality is simple to comprehend. Register by providing your name, phone number, and a photo of yourself. The application then sends you a request to access all of your phone numbers in order to locate the Truecaller profiles of your contacts.

By granting Truecaller access to your contacts, you will be able to identify other users of the software. When your phone rings, the name, and the number of the caller will appear on the display of your smartphone. Since your unknown callers feel they are calling anonymously, you are consequently one step ahead of them.

Once registered with the Truecaller app, you can alter your name an unlimited number of times or erase it completely. Deactivate your account on your smartphone to accomplish this.

Simply navigate to! Enter your number, along with the appropriate country code, then search for “unlist phone number”!


With the CallApp application, it is impossible to answer a call without knowing the caller’s identity. To tackle this anonymity issue, the software does a very rapid search. Everything is normal when the number is one that is already in your directory.

CallApp utilizes social data to educate users. You receive the caller’s name and photo, and if possible, his behavior. This identification procedure takes less than two seconds to complete. You can avoid spam.

Additionally, you can ban calls and messages from suspicious or disagreeable individuals. This application provides your smartphone with a healthy dose of intelligence.

CallApp utilizes networks to locate the information you have access to. It includes information about the anniversary, photographs, and even publications produced by the caller. Therefore, he is always in search of information. You can also ask queries of your choosing in the search field for optimal results.

To get this software, just download it for free from the Google Play Store and enable access to your contacts. However, you must subscribe to an internet service plan and have a 3G, 4G, or LTE connection in order to do current and timely research.

No longer is it necessary to be concerned about an unknown, hidden, or private number. Because the identity of your caller is exposed while your phone is ringing, you will no longer be a victim of a scam or fraud. Numerous individuals (both natural and legal) over the globe use this application.

Unmask Hidden Call

Unmask Hidden Call


As the name says, “Unmask hidden call” is another program to download to unmask hidden numbers. Even if it is not a private call, the application searches for all relevant information on non-phonebook numbers.

Unlike other applications, this one displays the name of a previously registered contact. The concealed numbers are revealed. You can phone them back to determine your caller’s identity. Once downloaded on your phone, its use is straightforward.

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